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Missing item 26.5.2018 17:04 Missing item Capton tape in PVD room
Broken Equipment 28.5.2018 20:07 Broken Equipment Funny Raith errors
Bad luck 28.5.2018 23:31 Bad luck Everything
Other 30.5.2018 09:20 Other Tablet was switched off.
Broken Equipment 31.5.2018 00:07 Broken Equipment Ma8
Broken Equipment 31.5.2018 16:08 Broken Equipment Evaporator dead
Broken Equipment 5.6.2018 16:05 Broken Equipment Evaporator substrate heating,temp sensor
Missing item 5.6.2018 16:06 Missing item Kapton tape for pvd lab
Cold 13.6.2018 17:48 Cold Depositions
Broken Equipment 20.6.2018 19:40 Broken Equipment I was not able to connect Kepco using GPIB and LabView. I am an idiot.
Cold 22.6.2018 14:21 Cold electrical
Broken Equipment 22.6.2018 17:14 Broken Equipment DRIE, RIE
Broken Equipment 26.6.2018 17:03 Broken Equipment Better question would be which one is working
Missing item 27.6.2018 11:21 Missing item Neustale jsou prazdne stricky a lahve na aceton a izopropyl. Chapu, ze se to muze vyprazdnit pri zvysene spotrebe, ale pri vice nez pulce navstev je proste prazdne vsechno a je dost neprijemne, ze prvni vec, kterou musite udelat je plneni. Neni to zrovna user welcoming. Pritom to povazuju za povinnost operatora, aby to doplnoval. Toto neni jen muj nazor, ale uz jsem se na tom shodnul s radou lidi, proto nenechavam sve jmeno, aby to se mnou nebylo asociovane. Jinak se dost veci vyvyji k lepsimu a na dost lidech je videt, ze se opravdu staraji! :)
Broken Equipment 27.6.2018 16:48 Broken Equipment ultrasonic bath
Other 27.6.2018 18:01 Other bad mood
Other 28.6.2018 11:07 Other when i came i found device i was working on dirty.. as a last user was written me.. how can get device dirty if last user was me and i left that clean?
Broken Equipment 28.6.2018 14:59 Broken Equipment evaporator
Broken Equipment 28.6.2018 17:22 Broken Equipment Evaporator
Cold 12.7.2018 17:56 Cold everywhere...
Broken Equipment 12.7.2018 17:57 Broken Equipment DRIE
Broken Equipment 13.8.2018 13:14 Broken Equipment LYRA FIB - Tomas Knows, I am just testing the system!