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Anonymous commented 19.3.2019 16:50
remote control - VNC - does not work for some instruments - Raith, VersaLab, ... Check settings, there were some changes in IP addresses

Anonymous commented 14.3.2019 10:58
more small shared coats
Answer: If there is none on hangers just take one from the shelf in the FILTER I. There is plenty of them. RisaK

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 13.3.2019 16:12
LEIS filament
Answer: Issue solved.

Anonymous commented 11.3.2019 14:17
I was unable to find the way how to send feedback
Answer: You should be in the lab :-)

Anonymous commented 6.3.2019 15:30
Wifi in pc room is rather poor. Esp. for people with notebooks either wired connection possibility or a router dedicated for this room would be helpfull, thanks.
Answer: Dear user, please use one of the WiFi (VUTBR or EDUROAM). EDUROAM is faster and you do not to renew your connection when you come to CEITEC Nano next time. Tested speed in PC room (Download 50MB/s Upload 25MB/s). If you have any problem, please come to our User Office and we can find the way how to flow...

Anonymous commented 24.2.2019 18:05
Magnetron: in mail send by Marek materials are different from the reality. however, logbook is updated. (probably an error in mail, both were done on Monday). :(

Lukas Kormos commented 24.2.2019 12:55
I am sad today.
Answer: You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness :)

Bad luck
Anonymous commented 14.2.2019 14:54
Deposition went wrong and I don't know why. I am an idiot.
Answer: You might not to be an idiot. Only the the Argon gas supply has been down for a while ... I have already changed the Argon cylinders and the situation should not occur again. We would like to apologise for any inconveniences it might caused you. CF Staff /J.S./

Missing item
J.S.> commented 6.2.2019 08:25
All kinds of the PP bags in Filter I (just few smallest ones are available)
Answer: Added. JZ

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 30.1.2019 14:04
The music not playing from the speakers.

Anonymous commented 25.1.2019 17:46
Answer: "Winter is here." - Jon Snow

Anonymous commented 22.1.2019 16:40
outside, -10°C today!!!
Answer: We will try to do our best to keep you at 22°C inside.

Bad luck
J.S. commented 13.1.2019 17:42
DRIE is probably way to dirty ... I had a huge amount of BSi on the customers wafer...

Missing item
Anonymous commented 11.1.2019 10:32
clean pens please!
Answer: Would be solved in a minute :) ... K. Done ... JZ

Missing item
Anonymous commented 6.1.2019 11:43
lack of small beakers (100ml and smaller) in fumehoods
Answer: There are no more small glass beakers left in the warehouse. We need to buy new ones. Few small plastic (ETFE) beakers were added into the solvent fumehood shelf. CF Staff

Anonymous commented 20.12.2018 14:26
Booking system not working..

Broken Equipment commented 17.12.2018 16:39
Magnetron (venting not working, also it looks like it is not ready after bakeout)
Answer: The magnetron server was down.

Peter commented 12.12.2018 15:39
RCD 8 is very dirty. Needs a little celaning.
Answer: RCD-8 is already undergoing the upkeep maintenance with cleaning - sorry for inconvenience it might caused you. This situation should not occur again. I would stress the necessity of proper upkeep of lithographic equipment during the next process meeting. Jakub S.

Bad luck
Anonymous commented 6.12.2018 16:22
Spadla mi paletka v komore.
Answer: It would be quite useful if you could provide us also information what kind of pallet and in which equipment. K.

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 4.12.2018 17:23
Reith EBL
Answer: What is exactly broken? Could you please provide a few more details? The best way would be to contact the responsible expert directly on his email >> << or >> <<. Thanks CF Staff :)

Anonymous commented 28.11.2018 11:36
I need two times SEM training.

Anonymous commented 27.11.2018 17:44
Xiaocheng wasted a wafer

Honza Prasek commented 27.11.2018 10:20
Zamcena krabice nasich waferu v nove oznacenem a zamcenem boxu CF NANO STUFF (vpravo dole) na chodbe ve 100

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 20.11.2018 12:28
Uhv-preparation chamber.. there is high pressure in the loadlock.
Answer: The issue has been dealt with. Marek Otevrel

Anonymous commented 19.11.2018 12:11
loadlocks used as storage boxes! only limited space there for things that really needs to be transferred! Why there are 3 multimeters inside? Already for few weeks...
Answer: We know about this problem. The lab cleaning staff has new instructions to clean the LoadLocks every Monday. The stuff from loadlocks will end in the "User mess box".

Other commented 19.11.2018 12:05
booking system does not work!
Answer: We have already informed system provider and they are working on the problem. Please be patient, we will inform you once the system is back on-line.

Anonymous commented 19.11.2018 10:54
Booking system is not working (again...) Please do something about it.

Missing item
Anonymous commented 9.11.2018 14:40
Chybí zip sáčky ve filtru I.
Answer: Two sizes of zipper bags were added to Filter I.

Anonymous commented 7.11.2018 11:56
Answer: Additional hangers were added.

Anonymous commented 5.11.2018 17:12
I BROKEN MY cantilevers.

Anonymous commented 2.11.2018 18:12
no liquid nitrogen

Missing item
VU 9220 commented 29.10.2018 19:39
Working processes and unexpired consumables for uv lithography

Anonymous commented 29.10.2018 17:35
Full load lock to 100. Please remove stuff!

Missing item
Anonymous commented 26.10.2018 10:25
the glass acetone bottle is missing. And all of the bottles in wetbenches need refilling.
Answer: The valid rule is, that the users are refilling the IPA and Acetone bottles by themselves when needed (stock solution should be ready in the lab). Ethanol and methanol is refilled by the Core facility specialist. Currently we are working on more convenient system of IPA and acetone distribution. JZ

Broken Equipment
Sure you know, where to find me :D commented 26.10.2018 01:22
Wetbench for coating Pro brata slovakov - Loziska jsou v peeerdeli :) K.

Anonymous commented 24.10.2018 13:30
Missing labbook on evaporator
Answer: The labbook is on evaporator.

Bad luck
Anonymous commented 10.10.2018 15:37
I broke the machine >(

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 26.9.2018 12:37
Vacuum, SUSS coater

Broken Equipment
HELIOS commented 23.9.2018 21:45
Ion emission has stoped and it was not possible to resurrect it :)

Anonymous commented 19.9.2018 11:08
Nice feedback system. Good job Expert staff.

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 19.9.2018 11:07
Where is the automatic shoecover machine?
Answer: Automatic shoe-cover is currently under repair - will be fixed in few days

Missing item
Anonymous commented 3.9.2018 14:25
Answer: Chemicals already ordered - late delivery - expected week 37

Bad luck
Anonymous commented 28.8.2018 15:50
both hand left ;D

Other commented 25.8.2018 21:58
Teamviewer messing around. We need license or other remote control to use.

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 13.8.2018 13:14
LYRA FIB - Tomas Knows, I am just testing the system!

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 12.7.2018 17:57

Anonymous commented 12.7.2018 17:56

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 28.6.2018 17:22

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 28.6.2018 14:59

Anonymous commented 28.6.2018 11:07
when i came i found device i was working on dirty.. as a last user was written me.. how can get device dirty if last user was me and i left that clean?

Anonymous commented 27.6.2018 18:01
bad mood

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 27.6.2018 16:48
ultrasonic bath

Missing item
Anonymous commented 27.6.2018 11:21
Neustale jsou prazdne stricky a lahve na aceton a izopropyl. Chapu, ze se to muze vyprazdnit pri zvysene spotrebe, ale pri vice nez pulce navstev je proste prazdne vsechno a je dost neprijemne, ze prvni vec, kterou musite udelat je plneni. Neni to zrovna user welcoming. Pritom to povazuju za povinnost operatora, aby to doplnoval. Toto neni jen muj nazor, ale uz jsem se na tom shodnul s radou lidi, proto nenechavam sve jmeno, aby to se mnou nebylo asociovane. Jinak se dost veci vyvyji k lepsimu a na dost lidech je videt, ze se opravdu staraji! :)

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 26.6.2018 17:03
Better question would be which one is working

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 22.6.2018 17:14

Anonymous commented 22.6.2018 14:21

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 20.6.2018 19:40
I was not able to connect Kepco using GPIB and LabView. I am an idiot.

Anonymous commented 13.6.2018 17:48

Missing item
Anonymous commented 5.6.2018 16:06
Kapton tape for pvd lab

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 5.6.2018 16:05
Evaporator substrate heating,temp sensor

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 31.5.2018 16:08
Evaporator dead

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 31.5.2018 00:07

Anonymous commented 30.5.2018 09:20
Tablet was switched off.

Bad luck
Anonymous commented 28.5.2018 23:31

Broken Equipment
Anonymous commented 28.5.2018 20:07
Funny Raith errors

Missing item
Anonymous commented 26.5.2018 17:04
Capton tape in PVD room